Unbelievable Burglar Fails

Let’s face it, if you’re a domestic burglar taking a chance on a well secured property – you’re probably an idiot. Most burglars are driven to crime by financial desperation or random opportunity, obviously the best way to prevent such intrusion is to never give these rotten individuals the chance to begin with.

The Prestige Security Solutions team are forever glazing over the press to see the latest idiotic burglar blunders… you know the sort, crooks falling asleep watching your TV only to wake up to the coppers or getting stuck in your garden. *Sigh*, here’s some top burglar screw ups courtesy of the YouTube community.

  • If at first you don’t succeed…

Two buffoons attempt to smash a reinforced window sheet with what we’re guessing is a large stone only to have it rebound and knock the pair of them out. Chances are this is a fake but if it’s not, you can take some comfort in the level of intelligence we’re dealing with here.


  • Raging bull!

Two would be thieves attempt to smash in the back door of a property by charging at it like a bull because that’s obviously the best method available.


  • Robbery Fail Extravaganza!

This epic montage of pure fail will keep you laughing and sighing for a good six minutes as the world’s finest in robbery buffoonery prove that crime doesn’t pay.


  • Hey guys, what’s up?

A team of scallywags armed with medical masks make their way over a metal spiked fence only get spooked on the other side by what we’re assuming is a resident. Add a camera to the mix and you’ve got some solid security in action.


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