Beware Summer Party Poopers

photo_2025_20061011Burglary statistics provided by Yale state that domestic burglaries rise by 63% during the winter months, particularly January which is considered the peak time for opportunist thieves. While these findings carry evidential weight, this does not mean that people should now consider themselves secure from domestic crime.

Summer represents gleeful abandon, blistering sunshine and late nights of garden leisure but consider this – while you’re drinking wine outside in the evening glow, a burglar may be packing away the contents of your living room. The heat gives people an excuse to fling open windows and promote airflow but by doing so they are also offering extra points of entry to their property.

If you are planning on spending the evening in the garden (regardless of who may be joining you), take the time to close your ground floor windows; particularly at the front of the property. Keep your doors locked the same as you would any other time of year and don’t broadcast the fact that you are all gathering in the garden in an overt fashion.

photo_686_20051213If you have a particularly large garden area and simple gateway access from the front of the property, a burglar may see an opportunity to slip in unnoticed and then make their escape through the front door. Prestige Security Solutions have noticed a number of news stories popping up nationally which indicate that summer burglaries are no rarity, as a quick Google search will inform you.

Additionally, while it might seem safe to unplug those timer plugs from your lamps – maybe consider when you are and aren’t going to be home this summer. The days may be lasting longer but surely this means many people will be out enjoying the weather late into the evening…

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