What does your garage say about you?

Garage Doors say more about their owner than you’d think. It’s often been said that the colour and presentation of a front door represents the personality behind it so why can’t the same notion be applied to your garage?

Colour can be wonderfully metaphorical and a strong telltale sign in both life and storytelling. Here we run through common garage door styles and what they say about your personality.

Rude Red

red door

Red has long carried strong connotations to love, passion and violence but it’s also one of the boldest colours the eye can see. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then lather on the red and get your garage screaming look at me!

Baby Blue

baby blue

This light, sky toned shade suggests you are ease with the world and have a carefree, relaxed and approachable personality. It’s inoffensive, sweet and above all looks great.

Bold Black

black garage door

This can mean one of two things; either you’re a strong, sophisticated and authoritative individual or you simply love timeless traditionalist tones which never die out.

Hello Yellow

yellow garage

It’s the colour of the sun; it radiates optimism and may even be hiding something rather sizzling behind closed doors. You’re a strong, social personality and people aren’t afraid to gravitate to your warmth.

Purple (Rain)

purple door

Either you love Prince or you’re a liberated free spirit happy to socialise with whomever comes your way. Lovers of purple are also said to hold close friends very dear.

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