How effective are surveillance cameras?


Useless or a necessary diversion?

There is little doubt that a burglar will tend to stay well clear of a property that has been fitted with good quality surveillance cameras in one or more locations where they out of reach and have a good range of visibility. But what about properties that are in neighbourhoods where there are – or where there appear to be – plenty of surveillance cameras about? If this is the case, can you relax and let the cameras do it all for you?

Apparently not seems to be the answer. It is true that the UK has become one of the most camera-rich societies in the world. Current estimates from the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) indicate that our streets bristle with somewhere between 4 and 5.9 million CCTV cameras. The trouble is, as the government’s surveillance camera commissioner has warned, of this very large amount too high a proportion are either antiquated or not working. Local councils have started to realise the problem and, for example, recently, when a West Midlands local authority conducted a review of its own estate of surveillance cameras and got rid of the ineffective ones, it was able to find a saving of £250,000. A handy sum.

There are various reasons for this degree of ineffectiveness including cameras that simply do not work, cameras that have disappeared under foliage and antiquated analogue equipment with very poor images – such that they would be fallible witnesses when it comes to identifying thieves. The situation has led to debate about the effectiveness of street surveillance. Currently, the Dyfed-Powys police, which covers more than half of Wales, might stop monitoring CCTV cameras following a review which has suggested that they have not deterred crime. In such circumstances, it is perhaps not surprising that there has been a rise in domestic and business surveillance cameras.

At Prestige Security Solutions we highly recommend making sure your house is secure at the first point of defence – which means making it impossible for thieves to enter through garages, doors and windows. If additional surveillance cameras would increase your comfort levels, it might be as well not to rely on local authority installations that happen to overlook your property – check they are working and fit for purpose first.

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Security Mutts


Female Bullmastiff

OK, we admit it; the gang at Prestige Security Solutions are firmly in the dog camp. We’re a compassionate bunch who love the companionship and security only a dog can offer. If you’re feeling vulnerable and would like a breed that’ll return love with security then read on…

  • Bullmastiff

Don’t let the Bullmastiff’s boisterous appearance put you off; these are highly domesticated and loving creatures with a quiet, loyal temperament. This is a perfect balance of characteristics when protecting a family as they are very protective of their owners. Their large build and physicality is a perfect force against any unwanted threats or intruders.

  • Caucasian Shepherd Dog

These majestic dogs may appear to be fluffy on the outside but they are very proud, intelligent beings with a strong, muscular build. While they are best described as even tempered, we would not recommend them as a family dog if you have small children. They are very protective of their own territory and extremely suspicious of strangers. Domestic training is recommended as they can be rather savage in a threatening situation.

  • Rottweiler

rotterCommon enough in Britain to need little introduction, the Rottweiler was originally bred to assist farmers in protecting their cattle. They can be vicious and insolent but these traits are most certainly to your advantage in a security situation as Rottweiler’s are incredibly loyal creatures. They are smart, well behaved and adaptive – ideal for those with the time and love to give.

  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

These gorgeous medium sized English dogs are very popular for their loyal attitude and cute muscular appearance. Like our other picks, they are intelligent dogs but carry a certain penchant for breeding – so watch out! They are very loving animals but will take no hesitation going buck wild in a protective situation. Ignore the bad press, the RSPCA have consistently defended the Staffie as a wonderfully affectionate animal – all you’ll need to do is care, train and love them and they’ll treat you back with equal respect.

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Top 3 films about… security breaches.

As the gang at Prestige Security Solutions enter 2015 we’ve been fervently anticipating the end of winter. Having spent the last two months working relentlessly on insulation jobs, we’re rather excited about the prospect of slinging up a veranda or two!

Anyway, an easy reading blog this time devised from our many hours of banter. Classic films but alas… classic films about security breaches. Here are our top three favourites…

  • Oceans 11 (2001)

oceans11Steven Soderbergh’s remake of the 60’s Rat Pack original might be a fantastical work of Hollywood schlock but it’s hard to deny the film’s sure fire entertainment value. Considering the all star cast we wouldn’t be surprised if their pay checks weren’t all that far off what they earn in the movie’s heist. George Clooney stars alongside a methodical gang of crooked misfits who take on a wealthy casino owner in aid of their own financial and personal shortcomings. It’s all a bit daft but Don Cheadle’s awful English accent is reason enough to give this movie a crack.

  • Heat (1995)

heat_robberyMichael Mann’s 1995 caper seems to have taken on a reputation of its own as the quintessential 90s crime movie. Its popularity is no doubt due to the dual casting of Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, two legendary actors who share a ridiculous scene where they evidently try and out-act each other. Val Kilmer also appears as his usual stoic self – not much to report there. However you look at it, Heat remains a thrilling work of bombastic Hollywood excess and we’d certainly recommend breaking the bank for a copy.

  • Die Hard (1988)

die-hard-mainNot only is it a staple of the 1980s action genre but Die Hard is downright our favourite Christmas film ever. John McClane’s manic escapade against the tyrannically camp Alan Rickman has to be one of the most wonderfully effective crime scripts put to film. It’s a simple concept – terrorists heist an LA skyscraper, take hostages, irritate a rogue Bruce Willis and end up a little worse for wear a few hundred feet below. Despite its now classic status the film was in fact a hard sell and nearly entered production hell after the bigwigs saw no ‘star power’ in Bruce Willis. How wrong they were.

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Security tips for the home


For more than a decade Prestige Security Solutions have been specialist manufacturers and installers of insulated roller garage doors, roller shutters, electric gates and awnings all over the UK. In this way we have been providing a very substantial layer of security to home owners, business, factories, offices, warehouses, schools, colleges – everywhere in the country where the crime prevention is needed.

While we attend to some of the more substantial work, particularly on garage doors, shutters and gates, it remains remarkable how property owners let their guards drop in other areas. Bear in mind that most thieves are opportunistic. If you make the job of burglary and theft difficult for them, they will quickly decide to go elsewhere where they may have more chance of success. These are a few important preventative measures:

  • Keep your front garden tidy and visible. If burglars can hide in overgrown front or back gardens they are more likely to take refuge there. For the same reason it is wise not to have walls or fences at the front of the house, where unwanted visitors might wish to hide, that are higher than a metre.
  • Make sure all garden equipment is locked away. Apart from stealing useful and expensive tools, burglars are quick to use any tool to help them to force an entry. In particular, make sure that ladders are locked away – it is still extremely common for homeowners to leave a ladder lying alongside a back wall – perfect invitation material.
  • Ensure you fit dusk to dawn security lighting. There is nothing more irritating to thieves than to be lit up on the job.
  • As an additional deterrent, fit timed switches on specific internal lights that can be seen from outside so that they give the appearance of your occupation when you are out.
  • It goes without saying – and is again too often overlooked – that you must check the security of your windows (particularly on the ground floor) and doors.
  • Properly fitted alarm systems will also put off potential burglars.

As to the garage doors – leave those to us. Call us for a visit to give you a free quote.

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Flexible outside space


Unique, attractive and singular to your purpose.

There is nothing like taking stock and planning ahead at the end of the year. We all have projects that we want to put into action at some point and so, as we float through to the end of the year and beginning of a new one, sometimes in a bit of a haze, this might be the time to turn ideas into commitments.

One of several areas of expertise that we have at Prestige Security Solutions is the installation of awnings. You might for some time have been contemplating the installation of conservatory or even and orangery, but you may have other items calling on your budget.

Have you, by chance, thought of the installation of an awning so that, literally at the click of a switch, you can have a very attractive fabric roof under which you can sit, hide from blaring sun, eat lunch al fresco, read and do all or most of the things you might otherwise be doing in a conservatory?

Awnings are also great garden focal points for outside entertainment. They can have a liberating effect because of their flexibility; they also look great and add to the aesthetic of your property. With another flick of the switch the space is returned to outside patio.

Awnings are a way of turning your patio, veranda, garden or balcony into extra living space and adding a new dimension to your home. They can protect you from glare, heat, ultra violet rays, and occasional showers that can spoil the enjoyment of these outside areas. We are specialists in installing electric retractable awnings and we believe our range is among the best available in the market.  We use the UK’s leading awning fabric designer, Dickson Constant, to ensure that each awning makes a great visual impression and is thoroughly robust and secure.

We can also set you up with intelligent controls so that you have an electric awning system that can react automatically to weather conditions, according to settings you require, so that you and your home have year-round protection.

It’s a thought to consider as you digest all the Christmas fare? A highly flexible, retractable awning rather than the full build of a new conservatory.

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Pre-Christmas Security Offer

Prestige Security Solutions are currently offering two amazing deals ahead of Christmas. First up you can take advantage of a mammoth price drop on our Insulated Remote Controlled Single Roller Garage Doors. We shall assess your property, discuss time and installation and fully fit your new garage door for a generous £799. You can see examples of our work below and ready further into the benefits of such an investment here.

Our second offer is an Insulated Remote Controlled Double Garage Door, full installed at £1,150. The incredible craft of these doors allows you to ensure safety, efficiency and insulation from outside weather impact.

If you’d like to give safety precedence this Christmas then please get in touch to discuss what we can do for you. Our insulated doors are built with the finest materials, reinforced with aluminium side track strips and given further security with the remote control rolling code system. Our doors also come with further optional security features such as the ability to ensure it automatically locks whenever in the closed position.

We’re headed towards a busy season so don’t hesitate to call.

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roller 1 roller 2  roller 5roller 4

Shut Out Your Winter Woes

It’s been a busy time here at Prestige Security Solutions, with the arrival of the winter season more people than ever are drawing their thoughts towards security. While home burglary can in most cases be prevented by locking up your doors, windows and garage, many still anticipate the increase in yuletide theft.

It came to our attention that we haven’t used this blog to demonstrate our work visually. We primarily deal in roller shutters, electric gates and garage doors but our talents also lie in security grills, verandas and home security options. So, what have we been up to lately? Lots of garage doors, lots and lots of garage doors! It seems you’re all very safety minded when it comes to your vehicle which we certainly applaud. Here’s a selection of photographs from recent private domestic jobs we completed over the last few months.

1 2   54

As you can see, our insulated garage doors and roller shutters are both sturdy, aesthetically pleasing and come in a variety of styles and sizes. We are essentially a bespoke service and many of our clients chose the ‘insulated’ option which keeps our draughts and unwanted weather impact. You can read more about our insulated garage doors here.

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New website, new prospects, new customers

prestige SONWe are delighted here at Prestige Security Solutions to unveil our new website! The redesign comes just in time for the Christmas period; oddly one of our busier times as many of you rush to get your garages, homes and commercial property safe, insulated and looking great for the harsh winter and New Year festivities.

This gives us a perfect excuse to provide a run through of our services and products to help you make an informed decision about what we can do for you!

First up, our reputation has been built on the quality, efficiency and design of our doors and shutters. We currently install roller shutters, steel doors and up and over doors with limited bespoke options available for our roller shutters and steel doors. We only use the highest grade steel and components so you can rest assured that your investment will continue to pay off for many years to come.

For the winter chill we advise serious consideration of our insulated roller garage doors. You’ll see new to our website a colour map with choices for your door as well as a modest selection of textured woodgrain foil finishes. At the push of a button you ensure that your garage and vehicle are safe, warm and protected from whatever the winter may wish to throw at them. The option to have our doors installed internally or externally is also a welcomed option for our customers. To see further details on the garage door specifications we offer (as there are many) please click here. Gate automation kits are also available on a supply only basis with fittings made by our professional staff.

If home security is more on the agenda then please get in touch to discuss our retractable grill service. Please click here to read more on our domestic home security options.

Last but not least, we also specialise in verandas which we spoke about in length in our last blog post here.

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We install Verandas!

verandasYou may not have been aware but we also sell, construct and install verandas. The veranda as a design is rooted back in 19th Century Australian architecture, proving itself a popular native feature of colonial buildings in the 1850s. Today, the veranda is a widely adopted design both domestically and commercially. A notable spike in veranda use came following the 2007 UK smoking ban which as you know, forbids smoking inside public places such as pubs and restaurants. Many of these establishments have sought to apply verandas to their business as a means of accommodating smoking guests giving Prestige Security Solutions a lucrative market to please.

We currently specialise in glass verandas which are economic, affordable and attractive. If you choose Prestige to build your veranda, we can ensure a no obligation survey and design beforehand to help you attain ideal specifications for your home or establishment. We are not in this to make you feel uncomfortable so we have always applied a no obligation ethos to our business proceedings. Our engineers and builders are fully qualified and follow ruthlessly maintained guidelines with every job; we only hire the best and care deeply about how we are received by our customers.

Every veranda will come with a guarantee and as mentioned we offer a bespoke service to suit your use. Whether you want it as a means of outdoor dining, a chaperone for party guests or an aesthetic addition to the outdoor of your home, we can work something that’ll suit you personally. When it comes to finance we want to know you’re comfortable with the outcome so we offer a comprehensive range of finance plans for you to choose from. We’ll discuss design, finance and installation all personally and ensure that you’re happy with every step we take.

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Winter? Get an insulated roller garage door!

Brrrrrr! It’s getting cold again here at Prestige Security Solutions and we’re getting ready for another seasonal shift in business. However much you may think you relish the winter chill, working and living through those glacial mornings will soon take its toll. Whether you work in a commercial or industrial warehouse, or even in your garage for that matter, we can provide an insulated version of our popular steel curtain roller shutter.

While our standard shutter model offers excellent insulation with galvanised steel and hardy nylon end locks, we understand that the elements may often make themselves present regardless. With our specially insulated model we can put an end to that piercing draught and damp with a thermal foam infill which shall conserve heat and also, useful for noisy operations, absorb any noise leakage.

On top of being guaranteed a comfortable working environment, our roller shutters are crafted with optional pass doors, manual or electrical operation depending on your inclination and customised bottom rails to accommodate slopes and pavements that the shutter may open onto. We also have a range of security features which can be discussed with us before the construction, please feel free to bring this up so we can develop a plan to suit your needs. If you are concerned about aesthetic presentation, we also have a range of hoods to cover the roller barrel which come in a range of colours, finishes and patterns.

If you’re interested in keeping things insulated this winter then get in contact now for a quote and a chat.

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