Beware Summer Party Poopers

photo_2025_20061011Burglary statistics provided by Yale state that domestic burglaries rise by 63% during the winter months, particularly January which is considered the peak time for opportunist thieves. While these findings carry evidential weight, this does not mean that people should now consider themselves secure from domestic crime.

Summer represents gleeful abandon, blistering sunshine and late nights of garden leisure but consider this – while you’re drinking wine outside in the evening glow, a burglar may be packing away the contents of your living room. The heat gives people an excuse to fling open windows and promote airflow but by doing so they are also offering extra points of entry to their property.

If you are planning on spending the evening in the garden (regardless of who may be joining you), take the time to close your ground floor windows; particularly at the front of the property. Keep your doors locked the same as you would any other time of year and don’t broadcast the fact that you are all gathering in the garden in an overt fashion.

photo_686_20051213If you have a particularly large garden area and simple gateway access from the front of the property, a burglar may see an opportunity to slip in unnoticed and then make their escape through the front door. Prestige Security Solutions have noticed a number of news stories popping up nationally which indicate that summer burglaries are no rarity, as a quick Google search will inform you.

Additionally, while it might seem safe to unplug those timer plugs from your lamps – maybe consider when you are and aren’t going to be home this summer. The days may be lasting longer but surely this means many people will be out enjoying the weather late into the evening…

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Dodgiest Movie Security Guards

Prestige Security Solutions have already covered our top three movies about security so how about we dig a little deeper and round up the most questionable security ‘experts’ in cinema?

Security guards are commonly depicted as being incompetent, gluttonous buffoons who in most cases only end up saving the day through the complacence of an equally half-witted criminal. In fact, while considering this list it seemed that there were few on screen guards who came to mind as actual valiant enforcers of security. Still, this lot sure did make us smile…

  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop – 2009

This daft American comedy about a middle aged single father who dreams of being a New Jersey State Policeman was one of the strangest box office successes in recent memory. The plot is wafer thin, the characters are one dimensional and the hero is a hapless buffoon but hey, it’s good wholesome fun. The film takes place on Black Friday where a bunch of crooks dressed in Yuletide attire take siege of the mall… so as you can guess, it’s up to Paul Blart and his segway to save the day. Warning: this film contains awkward scenes of voyeurism and cringe worthy slapstick.

  • The Bodyguard – 1992

Yes, we are well aware it was awful. Kevin Costner can’t act, Whitney Houston isn’t exactly an enigmatic screen presence either and don’t get us started on that gag inducing plot. For the unenlightened, the film starts Houston as an Oscar nominated popstar who receives numerous death threats and appears to be stalked. In comes Costner to protect her from these menacing goons and for the most part, he does a pretty good job which is exactly what you’d expect from an ex-Secret Service Special Agent. What he didn’t do a very good job of doing is convincing the audience he was actually falling in love with Houston’s character… woeful, yet oddly enjoyable.

  • Star Wars – The Imperial Royal Guard – 1977

Given that it’s the Imperial Royal Guard’s job to follow the Sith Emperor absolutely everywhere, it’s quite hilarious that they aren’t present when he needed them most. You know what scene we’re talking about… Oh Vader, good on you lad.


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Unbelievable Burglar Fails

Let’s face it, if you’re a domestic burglar taking a chance on a well secured property – you’re probably an idiot. Most burglars are driven to crime by financial desperation or random opportunity, obviously the best way to prevent such intrusion is to never give these rotten individuals the chance to begin with.

The Prestige Security Solutions team are forever glazing over the press to see the latest idiotic burglar blunders… you know the sort, crooks falling asleep watching your TV only to wake up to the coppers or getting stuck in your garden. *Sigh*, here’s some top burglar screw ups courtesy of the YouTube community.

  • If at first you don’t succeed…

Two buffoons attempt to smash a reinforced window sheet with what we’re guessing is a large stone only to have it rebound and knock the pair of them out. Chances are this is a fake but if it’s not, you can take some comfort in the level of intelligence we’re dealing with here.


  • Raging bull!

Two would be thieves attempt to smash in the back door of a property by charging at it like a bull because that’s obviously the best method available.


  • Robbery Fail Extravaganza!

This epic montage of pure fail will keep you laughing and sighing for a good six minutes as the world’s finest in robbery buffoonery prove that crime doesn’t pay.


  • Hey guys, what’s up?

A team of scallywags armed with medical masks make their way over a metal spiked fence only get spooked on the other side by what we’re assuming is a resident. Add a camera to the mix and you’ve got some solid security in action.


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What does your garage say about you?

Garage Doors say more about their owner than you’d think. It’s often been said that the colour and presentation of a front door represents the personality behind it so why can’t the same notion be applied to your garage?

Colour can be wonderfully metaphorical and a strong telltale sign in both life and storytelling. Here we run through common garage door styles and what they say about your personality.

Rude Red

red door

Red has long carried strong connotations to love, passion and violence but it’s also one of the boldest colours the eye can see. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then lather on the red and get your garage screaming look at me!

Baby Blue

baby blue

This light, sky toned shade suggests you are ease with the world and have a carefree, relaxed and approachable personality. It’s inoffensive, sweet and above all looks great.

Bold Black

black garage door

This can mean one of two things; either you’re a strong, sophisticated and authoritative individual or you simply love timeless traditionalist tones which never die out.

Hello Yellow

yellow garage

It’s the colour of the sun; it radiates optimism and may even be hiding something rather sizzling behind closed doors. You’re a strong, social personality and people aren’t afraid to gravitate to your warmth.

Purple (Rain)

purple door

Either you love Prince or you’re a liberated free spirit happy to socialise with whomever comes your way. Lovers of purple are also said to hold close friends very dear.

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Top 3 Cyber Hacks of the 21st Century

watermarkWhile digital security is not our forte, we still sustain an invested interest in the changing tide of modern domestic security. Compare your domestic life to 20 years ago; chances are if you had a computer it was likely a basic Windows or Mac with limited access to the internet (if at all). Thanks to the flourishing advancements of the digital age, we all take a very different approach to daily life. Social media, digital entertainment, shopping and business now dominate via the internet thus giving crooks a whole new avenue to explore.

The efforts of cyber crime will often make international press, often highlighting the inadequacies of corporate security. Here are our top 3 biggest security breaches of the 21st century…

  • Heartland Payment Security – 2008

This US based credit company (Fortune 1000) suffered a near catastrophic security breach in early 2008 at the hands of three expert hackers. Lead by Albert Gonzalez, the Cuban-American masterminded a breach which exposed 134 million credit cards via SQL Injection Spyware. Once the data was received it allowed the hackers to make counterfeit cards as the data included that which appears on the magnetic strip. You can rest easy for Gonzalez is now enjoying 20 years in federal prison.

  • PlayStation Network Hack – 2011

This was a real wake up call for Sony and an unfortunate pretence of what would happen again at their film division years later. PS3 owners awoke on April 20th, 2011 to find all 77 million accounts hacked including full names, passwords, addresses, purchase history and of course… 12 million credit card numbers. Luckily, PSN allowed you to use your credit card without saving the data for later access so only 12 million members had financial data stolen. Gamers rushed out in droves to cancel their cards leaving PSN offline for a month and losing millions in the process. Thankfully, PSN has been fairly stable since.

  • Epsilon – 2011

Barely a month before the aforementioned PSN hack, marketing e-mail provider Epsilon fell ill to hackers leading to the loss of millions of names and e-mail addresses across 108 retail stores. Thankfully, despite the large scale hack – credit card details were not accessed. The security implication comes from the large scale detail theft which meant hackers could invest these names and addresses into phishing scams and identity theft. Epsilon didn’t go without a financial loss of their own as they took an estimated $4 billion hit. Lock your details up tight people!

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Fight Fraud, Choose Safe

fraudWhile it’s important to feel comfortable and safe in your own home, sometimes complacence can let us down. Those who appear to be offering us a safe alternative may actually be veiling a threat to your security, which is why it’s always important to investigate the legitimacy of those we let in our personal space. Of course friends and family don’t fall under this rule but employing the services of a business or sole trader means taking a methodical caution.

Prestige Security Solutions have built a strong reputation in the Leicester area and we invite you to leave your feedback on our Facebook and Twitter. By liberating customer feedback into a public space, companies like us can survive and strive on the kindness of your words. It’s true that word of mouth is still an imperative part of any burgeoning business but this is only elevated by the open spread of social media.

We are reiterating this stance of legitimacy in light of a North West news report stating numerous elderly residents had been targeted by a fraudulent individual pretending to be from a security service. This is morally abhorrent in more ways than one, not only does it breach the trust of most vulnerable but it also rouses suspicion towards people in our profession. It’s our vocation to provide the Leicester area with legitimate, secure solutions to their safety needs, NEVER to take advantage of them for financial gain or theft.

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Don’t give them the opportunity

thiefOfficial crime records in England and Wales are at their lowest for nearly two decades. At the same time the number of people in prison has soared to a new and expensive total of about 85,000 people in the UK. Some people might see these two facts as related but it is doubtful. One of the biggest reasons for diminishing crime records has been the simple fact that it is much harder to successfully break and enter into a vehicle built within the last decade because of the security features of modern vehicles. Another reason is surveillance cameras – the UK is the camera-snuck-in-places-you wouldn’t-believe centre of the developed world. Thieves look foolish when their full attempts at breaking and entering are shown on film. And yet another reason is secure doors, windows and adjoining garages.

Underlying all this there is another story and it is partly to do with where we have arrived now in terms of our possessions. There was a time when if you had a good garden spade stolen, or a wheelbarrow disappeared which you were accustomed to leaning against the side of your otherwise rather full garage, you would report the theft. But a lot of people do not report such thefts. Most people realise that from an insurance point of view it is not worth doing it (because they have an excess amount to pay on the claim of £100 or upwards) and from the point of view of catching the criminal it is not worth it, because they realise it is just opportunity crime, carried out on the spur of the moment normally. And some people feel they may be wasting police crime if the item stolen is a long-loved but reasonably old garden spade.

It is with this realisation that people turn increasingly to securing their own homes as best they can – and the weakest links in the home, where opportunistic intruders are concerned are the ground floor windows and the garage doors; that is, after they have readily unlocked the door to your well-stocked garden shed. At Prestige Secure Solutions, we are in business to make sure your homes are impregnable by all such means; we also make it very clear to people who might be interested that this is a secure house – it is not worth trying your luck on this premises. Which makes for happy and secure customers.

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